Error on Orchestrator - No Logs, Asset, Robots, are available

Major issue today with Orchestrator - we can reach our VM machine where is runs, but nothing is available - no Assets, no Robots, no Logs, No Jobs, etc. There is a error on the right side of the window that is flashing in red that reads:

“The underlying provider has failed on Open.”

We can’t reach anything - has anyone heard of this? What do we do to get back up?

We are still running 2016.1.6099 Orchestrator.



@mgirishfan i assume the connection the sql server is broken. Please check if the sql services are running or not.
Try to check if data is present in database or not.

Check the orchestrator web.config - the location would be “C:\inetpub(Orchestrator servername)” and see if the connection string is defined properly.

Thanks Gourav. After much digging it turned out to be a password error on the Application Pools. Ugh!