Error on GetTransactionData

I am doing Lev. 3 Assignment 2 - Dispatcher and Performer, specifically dispatcher part.

I found that in GetTransactionData, the flow does not go into “Try” and rather go directly into the Exception and to the End Process.

I’ve attached the whole project for your reference and thank you in advance! (510.3 KB)


Hi @Daun

Have you passed the arguments as in Get Transaction Data by passing the values to the in_transactionfield1,in_transactionfield2,in_transactionnumber etc

Ashwin S

Hello @AshwinS2,

Thank you for the answer!

I believe I did not change from the initial REFramework which seems to be above.
Inside GetTransactionData, out_TransactionField1, out_TransactionField2, out_TransactionID are used not in_TransactionField1 … And I did not change any because it was not instructed in the walk-through file. Please let me know which is wrong and why!! Thank you.


Hekko @Daun
What exception you get??

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Giving this a shot:
When you’re invoking GetTransaction.xaml, you are trying to get a transaction item as output. If so, this argument value must be supplied to it But I see you’re missing that:

This solved it. Thank you @sandeep13 for your answer!

Happy Learning!

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