Error on Execute Query for MS Excel

Hi all,

My code is working yesterday, and i don’t change a thing. Then I suddenly got this error.

“Execute Query: IErrorInfo.GetDescription failed with E_FAIL(0x80004005)”

Here’s my select statement:

“SELECT * FROM [Work Queue$] WHERE Work Request Number='”+v_ControlNumber.ToString+“’ AND Type='”+row(“Manual or CCI”).ToString+“’ AND Entity Name='”+row(“Entity Name”).ToString+“’ AND Bank='”+row(“Bank Name”).ToString+“'”

Trying to copy the data from another excel but that doesn’t solve the problem.

Need a fresh set of eyes to look into this.


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Buddy if this is mentioned as string, @homerivera
keep the columnname within square brackets like [Work Reques Number], [Type], [Entity Name] and for the remaining as well, as Errors can occur because words such as Name are reserved words

Cheers @homerivera

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Thanks! Works perfectly!

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Cheers @homerivera

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