Error occuring

I have error in Reframe work
I have to clear it please help me.

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This error suggests out_TransactionField1 is null. Please ensure it has value.


Yeah I give the value like here in the assign one
But I am still getting error


check if it is WID or WIID.

Karthik Byggari


I am still getting error.

@siva_sankar, it seems like out_TransactionItem(“WIID”) is null. Please ensure it has value before you use it in Assign activity.

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Here you are showing the wrong assign activity.
The error is related to out_TransactionField1 not out_TransactionID.

Please check where you are assigning out_TransactionField1


I give the value to transaction filed1 in out_transaction field1 this is correct or not.

out_TransactionItemm(“WID”) → where are you setting the value for out_TransactionItem ?
Here, in this assign, you are trying to assign value of out_TransactionItem(“WID”) which means, you are trying to fetch a already stored value and assign to a variable.
Check the activity where you are assigning to out_TransactionItem.

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Here I am giving the out_transaction item in nothing if it’s correct or not are I am giving any value and assign of them.

With regards

Thank you the issue is solved
Thank you so much :heart:


Thank you it could be solved

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