Error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" keep appearing

I made my project in the form of flowchart.
so I just need to make new flowchart, provide all the sequence like this and copy all my sequence inside this outer sequence?


First try to right click on any of the sequences and do a step into if it steps in normally then you can copy the inner sequences…else you have to create the sequences also and copy only the activities inside them


ok, I just did reinstall my studio to lower version so the problem’s gone.
it will auto update tomorrow so I’m gonna try that tommorrow.

thanks, hope it works

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Hi! Sorry for late update, I found the problem source. I tried to delete the activity I used one by one until the pop up not appearing anymore, turns out it’s from the one and only classic activity I used, it’s “on elemet appear” activity. perhaps this classic activity becoming unsupported anymore since version update coz it’s running fine on the version before update. Cheers!

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