Error None of overload groups have all required/optional activity configured

Hi Guys,
I am getting an error ‘None of overload groups have all required/optional activity 'Get row items '. I am attaching my workflow… Can someone please point out the error that I am doing…

Share.xaml (27.5 KB)

Hi @Hanan_Saad

While in for each loop you must provide Column Name or Column Index to get the row item




Thanks @PrankurJoshi , after add columns name, I getting this error while running WF

What is the name of the column also does it have any value on the datatable?


sure the datatable has value :frowning:
and it was working , I couldnt know figure out the issue

Share.xaml (28.1 KB)

You should not write rowitem in ColumnName in GetRowItem property, Column Name should be name of the column that is is Excel or the Index of Column and it starts from 0.

Can you show me the excel sheet?


I did that because it is inside loop, need to take all values column by column…

sure PFB
Excel sheet data.xlsx (10.4 KB)

it will be more than one row in excel, but now just for testing

You should give columns from these

Attribute adjuetment, Device Model, Mode, Adjustment type

Or the one of the number for index from

0, 1, 2, 3


Hi @PrankurJoshi ,
I did it and still getting same error :frowning: ,
and one more thing, I put open browser inside for each loop so it is open more than one session, if I drag the open browser out loop, the datatable will be not defined so couldnt call ( row(0).ToString)…

I tried to change the scope for the var to sequence or Do but its not working…

can you help me on that also? appreciate <3

Thank you @PrankurJoshi …!!
It worked for me