Error: No compiled code to run error BC30561:

Hi there,

I am receiving the following message for a ‘ReadMessage’ section (sqs): No compiled code to run error BC30561: 'Message' is ambiguous, imported from the namespaces or types 'Microsoft.Graph, Amazon.SQS.Model'. At line 4.

Line 4 is: Dim messages As List(Of Message) - I suspect that the bot doesn’t understand what message is?

This also occurred at two other lines in this block of code. The code is not written by me (and I’m a noob) and the guy that wrote it is on vacation for a couple of weeks…

Does anyone know what may be causing this/what the solution may be? I saw elsewhere that someone had a similar message due to their code trying to pull in two different email sources, but I’m unsure how that affects me with SQS.

Any input would be appreciated, thank you!


This message says you need to modify it as either of the following.

Dim messages As List(Of Microsoft.Graph.Message) 


Dim messages As List(Of Amazon.SQS.Model.Message) 


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