Error: Multiple user profiles exist

Hello, everyone.

I just started using UiPath Community Edition and I was trying to connect the robot to the Orchestrator.
I got to the point where the machine was created and associated with a robot and environment on the orchestrator and the robot on my machine was connected to the orchestrator, but I coudn’t manage to get it licensed.

When I was trying to resolve this problem, I ended up having the error: “Multiple user profiles exist.”

Now I can’t log in to the Orchestrator anymore, it keeps showing me this error message, than the page gets blank.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

I cleared all cache and history from all browsers, then tried to login again.
It asked me to confirm my e-mail, so I did it.
Then tried to login again e the following error showed up:

Any advice or solution?

Thanks again.

Can you post the error you are getting @adrdias? Please try using another browser once

The error screen:

Can you try clearing all the cache and cookies @adrdias for that particular tab :slight_smile:

I hope you are trying to login with the another user after successful login with some other user

So, I cleared all cache, cookies and history and kept getting the same error.

Then I tried logging in through another route and it sent me a verification e-mail with a link. When I click it, I get a “Error 400: Bad Request”, as the picture below:

Multiple user profile issue might occur due to incomplete basic signup. The email used in basic authentication has never been verified. If the email has not been verified and the user is doing social sign in (with the same email), the above issue will occur.

Do a basic sign in (with username/password), the portal will show email verification pending screen. Click on resend email button to get the link to verify email. Verify email using this link. Next sign in should work fine.

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