Error: Microsoft office cannot verify the license for this product

Help. I’ve got a problem with Microsoft Office and UiPath. (Version 18.4.2)

I have a process that opens Excel, saves some data, and then closes Excel again. Excel is called approx. every 30 seconds. When the process has run x number of times I get the following error “microsoft office cannot verify the license for this product”. Sometimes I can just close Excel and then proceed without error. Other times, the error comes every time Excel starts.

Hopefully some have had the same problem - and found a solution.

Mogens Oestermann

Check these links -

Karthik Byggari

Hey KarthitByggari. Thank you for your answers.

I myself found the link from Microsoft and it didn’t help the problem. Note that this is a temporary problem. The few times when I haven’t been able to start Excel right away again, I just had to wait a while, so I could start Excel again. Today, the process has been running for 4 hours without any problems, so it is a temporary error that occasionally appears.

Hey @mooens, I am facing this problem as well, and as you wrote, it is really a temporary problem. And random.

Anyone that can help?