Error message while updating the CBA for automation Hub

Hi All,

Changing the statistics in my workplace, I am trying to update the AH to have more accurate CBA but it shows me this error all the time when trying to save changes.
Do you have any idea about the reason? I haven’t touched any role-related parts.



is it the questionnaire page you are working on?

looks like 10 and 21 are pointing to those numbers



Without specific details about the error message or the context, it’s challenging to provide a precise solution. However, common issues when saving changes to CBA (Cost-Benefit Analysis) in a workplace tool could include

  1. Permissions: Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to modify and save changes to the CBA. Check if there are any role-based restrictions or if certain roles are required to make updates.

  2. Data Integrity: Verify that the data you’re entering is valid and follows the expected format. Incorrect or inconsistent data may prevent successful saving.

  3. Concurrency Issues: If multiple users are accessing and updating the CBA simultaneously, there might be concurrency issues. Ensure that there are no conflicts with other users trying to save changes concurrently.

  4. Software or Tool Issues: Check if there are any known issues with the software or tool you are using for CBA. It might be beneficial to consult the tool’s documentation or support resources.

  5. Logs and Error Messages: Review the error message in detail. It might provide specific information about what went wrong. Check logs or any error details to get more insights into the issue.

If the problem persists, consider reaching out to your IT support or the administrator of the tool for assistance. Providing specific error messages or details about the tool would allow for a more accurate diagnosis and solution.


Hi Sai,

Thank you for your reply. Non of the conditions are applied. I am the Automation HUba admin and only changing one number to another. No one except me works on the tool.
I haven’t updated the software for so long but we are cloud based. As far as I know we never update the software.

Again thanks for your time.

The error is still there, but when you open and close the changes was made to the assessment, A ticked was raised to the support.

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