Error message when trying to add Send Outlook

I have a process (attached) where I want to add at the end a Send Outlook activity but I’m getting an error message. I’m not sure what it means by having to disconnect it first.

The error occurs on this step and I have used Send Outlook in previous steps without error

Any ideas?

ThanksProcessTest.xaml (180.9 KB)

can u add ur xaml ? if not entire… only that Send Outlook Sequence…

Sorry, I thought I did attach it. I’ve edited the initial message with the xaml file

Here we are unable to see the fileds…else do one thing… click on that error icon and ping the error message you are getting…we can suggest based on it…:slight_smile:

The error icon is not showing really the problem I’m having.

Initially I see the following:

When I click in either of the To/Subject/Body fields I get the error message, but I can not copy the text. I can only press ‘ok’

The message is as follows:

Workflow Designer
Speciflect element is already the logical child of another
element. Disconnect it first.
at SystemWindows.FrameworkElementChageLogicasParent
(DependencyObject newParent)
at System.Windows.FrameworkElement.AddLogicalChild
(Object child)
at System.Windovis.ControlsDecorator,set_Child(UlElement

It is much longer. Let me know if you need me to transcribe the rest

Yes @selrac…sometimes I too got this error message… usually it will come when you have opened multiple files at time…I dont think it is a Technical issue… Please close all files once and open it again…it may work…:slight_smile:
I am suggesting this since I am not getting the same error here…and I had an experience with that once…:grinning:

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Thanks Sankar. I had the wokflow duplicated as I’m doing some test. Doing a bit of a cleanup resolved the problem. Thanks for checking