Error message when i publish

Hi all,
when i try to publish ill get this error message.

Error: Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “message”.
cant reach System.Net.Mail.Message in this context, because it is friend. (translated from swedish)

What does that mean. and how do i solve it

All the best

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Can you try updating the mail package and try publish?


Hi @Majlopajlo,

Can you please share the screenshot of your issue, it would give a better understanding for giving the solution.


Hi Srini84
It is fully updated.



Of course. Here you go
Screenshot_Friend.docx (298.6 KB)



The reason for your issue is not your outlook mail activity.
Before that, if you notice the Add to Collection activity throws an error.
Can you check it out.



As @90s_Developer said you have to check the problem which you are getting from the Add to Collection, because of that even the mail is getting issue, So first solve those issues and try to publish

Hope this will help you