Error Message - Variable

Hi Team,

I am getting an error and I am not sure why I am getting this…image


I cannot tell much without the sample. This is a generic error that can occure for many reasons.
Most likely, you might be trying to manipulate something that is null in your Type Into command.

Hi @mustafa.altinbasak Please find error message

You should put a breakpoint and check rowitem’s value. I would say there is none :grinning:

This error comes when the variable or object has no initialization… that is there is no value assigned to it

@mustafa.altinbasak I am not sure quite new into this…Can you please explain or send some steps.

Many thanks

Hi @Sweety_Girl Can you please help with me with any sample example if you have i am not sure were I am making the mistake…how to check whether the rowitem contain value or not…anything that would help me here

Just print the value of rowitem in message box and check whether it has value

In for each row, what value did you provide?

As far as I can remember, right-click on the “type into” activity, chose “toggle breakpoint”, run your process in debug mod, and check the real time value of your rowitem in the locals tab.

Sample_.xaml (14.0 KB)
@Sweety_Girl Please find attached xaml. file…Please help me here

Change the scope of read range dt variable

It is applicable only inside do… Change the scope


@Sweety_Girl Thanks a lot…:slight_smile:


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