Error message of rest api about 'error querying header (87)'

The rest-api client program that i developed called api.

But, I got an error message when i use ‘filter’ of odata query option like to Time format.

For example, ‘Get https://testserver/odata/Jobs?$filter=CreationTime ge 2019-01-01T15:00:00Z’

If i will post the server for upper sentence, I got the message that is ‘Error querying header(87): the parameter is incorrect.’.

Yes this is my fault maybe. Because ‘Rest Debugger’ of delphi program is normal.

So… Please help me…

Hi @jslee12345,

Instead of sending the entire thing as a URL, why don’t to try sending the parameter seperately (Please see the screenshot below) and exactly how it is suppoused to be sent?