Error Message : Cannot Set unknown member "UiPath.Web.Activities.SoapClientCertificatePassword"

Hi All,

The day before yesterday my code stopped running and I was getting this Error Message in the Studio Output panel
"Could not find member ‘ClientCertificatePassword’ in type ‘’. Row: 1402, Column: 95
Could not find member ‘ClientCertificatePassword’ in type ‘’. Row: 3044, Column: 135"

I reinstalled the UiPath.Web.Activities and the issue were resolved.

But when I publish the package in Orchestrator and run the same code in VM I am getting the below error in VM.


Can someone please help me out to resolve this issue

Hi @modsoul

You should first make sure that the correct version of the web activity pack is executed on the target machine. When launched from Orchestrator, it uses packages from a different folder than when running locally.