Error mesage by running RPA process intent to open and read some excell sheets are on my outlook email

Hello team I hope you are doing very well. I would like to know if anyone knows how to fix this error message I am following the course “Build the first process with studio” on the section “Building the wrokflow - Part two”. but it worked only once I did open the file manually and they are not corrupted. I am using ACME so I am receving them from UiPath source. Not sure why states the files is corrupted or already in used. I made sure the sheets are not open. But not sure what is going on. I really appeciate your help. Thanks. Have a blessed day.


Try opening the file and save as with another name and use that and check…sometimes we might not see corrupted files when we open manually…

Another think you can check is to open your task manager and check if there is any background excel process running and kill it(generallu the name you see is microsoft excel)


You have an extra space after “\Invoices” in your file path.

You have it as "\Invoices " instead of “\Invoices”

You really should be using Path.Combine instead of + to concatenate your path.

Unable to fix it.

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