Error: "Log Message : Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

Hello everyone, I recently enrolled in the RPA Developer Foundation course and encountered an error while debugging the program. Despite following the steps shown by the video instructor, the program is not running smoothly for me. I would be incredibly grateful if someone could assist me in resolving this issue!

whats the full message here ?

and i see the properties of your get outlook messages activity


It’s not finding any emails, so CourseEmails has no value. Investigate why there are no emails in CourseEmails.

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and this is the properties for get outlook messages

the error is happening because you didnt type CourseEmails here, meaning the extracted mails are not assigned to CourseEmails variable

type in CourseEmails here, and try again @Islam_ISmail


Thank you for this. The Error has disappeared but my program doesn’t retrieve any emails, the run is successful but there are no emails that have been retrieved, also I can not find the folder that should be made inside the Project folder which is “Invoices”?


you should check your get mails activity, please share a screeshot from that

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Thank you for this, the problem was I accidentally opened the emails while I already checked the box for OnlyUnreadMesages.

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