Error invoking Python method ---> System.ServiceModel.FaultException

Hello there,

I am getting an Error invoking Python method —> System.ServiceModel.FaultException.

The Python script when run by powershell runs fine, but Activity: Invoking Python Method throws an error.

Attached is

  1. Workflow
  2. python script
  3. Exception. (224.5 KB)

Please assist!

Hi @chetangiri

Add the project.json file and settings folders of the UiPath flow, as your file is not opening to view your error


Hello, thanks for the reply!

Attached is the project.json file and settings folders

Settings and (821 Bytes)

Thanks for attachments

Can you check, is the python script is of Python 2.7 or Python 3.6 ?

I believe this script is working on Python 2.7 not on Python 3.6, If it is then you have change the script with compatible to Python 3.6

Hope this helps



The Script works fine on Python 3.6, I have attached the file in the issue description zip(issue).

Please let me know for more.