Error Installing Orchestrator 20.4. The Following Feature Need to Be Enabled in Windows Settings: Iis-Application Init

The following feature needs to be enabled in Windows Settings: IIS-Application Init error while installing 20.4.0 version of Orchestrator

This article is relevant for 2020.4.x versions.

Error Screenshot for reference:

Starting 20.4 version of Orchestrator, a new feature needs to be enabled apart from the default ones mentioned here .

Follow below steps to enable “Application Initialization” feature from Windows features

  1. Navigate to control Panel
  2. Add/Remove program
  3. Turn Windows Features on or off
  4. go to World Wide Web Service -> Application Development Features
  5. Enable Application Initialization

Once this feature is installed, the upgrade/installation of 20.4.0 version of Orchestrator should be tried again.