Error initializing Licensing Library. Error code: -1089

For some reason, every month or day, different periods, I need to activate the UIPATH license again because when I am trying to use the application I receive this error:
Error initializing licensing library. Error code -1089.

The same error occurs when I am trying to re-activate the license.

The only way to reactivate the license is uninstall and install UIPATH studio.
The users have full permissions (that means they should be able to create, modify, edit etc) on %Programdata% and C:\Users\Public\Documents.

Thank you for your help.

Somebody can help me?

On my side, I try to activate the orchestrator license with the regutil tool but I get the same error :
Error initializing licensing library: -1
Could somebody help me ?

Hi Nicolas,

That error means you’re behind a firewall.

I continue having this issue. I´ll appreciate if you have some ideas.

Thank you,


Also having the same error, I deleted the License folder in ProgramData/UiPath as I was having problem to renew my license, copied it back as its didn’t worked and now I get that error…