Error in Write Range on inserting DataTable with Hyperlink in Excel

Hello my First Post here :slight_smile:
so sorry if im posted in wrong Topic.
I have following Problem in my Project:
I want to append a Data Table to an Excel sheet all working so far, but as soon as i add a column with a Hyperlink Formula UIPATH/Excell Throws an Error:
Write Range: Could not write the data table DataTable starting with cell A692.
Other Formulas seems to work without problems and also if i replace/remove that formula.

So i assume its a security blocking by Excel that blocks automatic writing of that Function, can somebody confirm this and does anybody knows how to allow that?

Regards Cromm

@Dennis_Blum Please check below settings

And update

That was fast thank you :slight_smile:
Prompt User on automatic update was checked, changed to “Enable automatic update for all workbook links” and testet again, but no change, same error:
Write Range: Could not write the data table DataTable starting with cell A692.

Here is an example an the error throwing line in my table:
Filter,PO Nr,Position,Date,Country,MachineNo,Part No.,Part Descr,Qty.,Message,Name
New,"=HYPERLINK(“”;“Test”)",1,02.06.2020,IT,B0815,“999999”,“No Message”,“John Doe”


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@Dennis_Blum Seems like this issue is with syntax, Let me try it and I’ll be back with a sol.

@Dennis_Blum I tried this and worked like a bullet …


Why there’s a semicolon in your hyperlink syntax ?

Hi its a German Excel needs semicolon instead of colon:
see Image: image

I think its some kind of enterprise security rule/policy in Excell but i couldn’t figure it out yet…


Try this in your add data row.


Exactly in the format stated above.

This is not working for me. It shows me the output as
=HYPERLINK(“”,“Test”) in the final excel, when I added the above method in the add data row.