Error in using Close application

Hi ,

When I’m trying to Close application its closing the application but main is throwing the attached error.
Please suggest.



Make selector dynamic then it will work. Change Title attribute like below:


Hello @Vamsit2030,
Can you show your Close Application activity and options you have set?



When I’m making it dynamic its closing the other applications also.


Other applications in the sense, all IE browser screens or other applications also ?

When you are using “Close Application” at that time please check you have IE window exists/open with title “Home - Microsoft Axure…”

Otherwise you can either use element exist and close or you can set “True” in continueOnError propertly

Hi @Vamsit2030

In that case Click on selector and in uiexplorer you can repair the respective selector.
This should solve your problem.


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Are you using below selector or not ?

                     <wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='IEFrame' title='*- Internet Explorer' />
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Yes I’m using the same selector

Then it will close IE browser only.

Its closing all IE Browser windows
I want only one window to close .