Error in updating a pdf document

We are currently working on the automation of the process. In this process we have to update the PDF. The process flow is as follow:

  •   This document is downloaded from internal website of organization. By Right clicking on the link and saving the target as PDF we save it on local computer. 
  •   We are able to open the PDF using UiPath activity. 
  •   When we are trying to edit the PDF using Type into Activity, we are getting error. 
  •   Then Acrobat reader stop working. 
  • Event when we are trying to edit the PDF in Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer is also stop working.


  •   PDF is of single page, but the size on disk is more than 11 MB. 
  •   In Security setting, commenting and signing activity are disabled. 

What we have tried so far

  •   We tried to copy the content of PDF and put it in some word document. But this is not working as there is lot of format change happening. 
  •   We change the name of PDF and try to do this. But even it is not working.


thank you for inquiry.

This might seems to be an issue with your computer itself.

Have a question, is this a editable form pdf or just a simple pdf? can we get a copy of it ?

let us know.