Error in UIPath

I am getting this error while opening a sequence. I tried reinstalling the UIpath also.

Then while running it, the below error.

May be because you have two ui path versions in your system.
other issue is you ate using the same for your project that you have used before try with some of the different name while creating main process

Hi @whity

Make sure you use only one version of uipath in your computer. Multiple versions could run into such problems.

I have reinstalled only using a single setup file. Now how to do a complete cleanup and reinstall?

If I used the .xaml file in another machine and try to run in another machine, with a different version, wouldn’t it run?

Hi @whity

Did you by any chance call your project UiPath? :slight_smile: I believe that it will unfortunately not work well. Could you please try to create a new project with a name that is not literally called UiPath.

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Not actually. So what I did is moved the .xaml file from a laptop(Working) to another laptop, which was installed with the same setup file. This was giving the error.

I solved this problem by copying the installed folder to the other laptop,running the .exe from that folder and it started working now.

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