Error in UiPath Studio setup

Hi friends,
I have installed the UiPath studio last three days ago. I started to work with it. Unfortunately,from today morning onwards my panels in the workground are fully collapsed …so i tried to reinstalled it…but my installation setup failed…Hence please guide me
with Regards

Hi Abubakkar,

How did it fail? Did you get any error? What setup did you use: .exe or .msi?

So it didn’t install? When you double click on UiPathStudioSetup.exe does the UiPath logo appear on your screen? After uninstall please delete all UiPath folders from %localappdata%, restart your computer(just to be sure) and try to reinstall.

I tried to delete the uipath folder from %localappdata% as mentioned, however, another error message is popping up stating that I require administrator access to delete the folder. How to do it now?

Hi @Amrita_1984

The lack of permissions to the folder is probably the reason Studio had problem with its installation. You will need administrator rights on your computer to be able to proceed.