Error in UiPath Licensing Training

I met an error in the Training UiPath Licensing Training?But I can enroll other training successfully.


What browser are you using @XZX321? Investigating this as we speak.

On a second thought, based on the error it means that you are not enrolled in Licensing Training. Did you make a request to enroll? This training is only available for UiPath customers.

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Hi @XZX321.
@ovi is right. You may not be a UiPath customer.

Both Licensing Training and RPA Infrastructure Training are exclusive for UiPath customers :slight_smile:

I tried IE and Chrome but got same error!
I already enrolled it and RPA Infrastructure Training,I can open RPA Infrastructure Training.
@ovi @Jan_Brian_Despi

And my colleague has already passed the training.Any way to prove I’m a customer in the academy platform??

Hi @XZX321

You can contact our academy support to gain access :slight_smile:

Thank you.I did it