Error in Selecting Dropdown value


I am working on Academy 2 Assignment 2 exercise. In that, as part of the flow, it was said to download files for each month. In my workflow for selecting the month, the workflow doesn’t work. Not able to find the error getting an error.

I tried printing the value which was sent to selector, below is the response of the same

<html title='ACME System 1 - Reports - Download Monthly Report' /><webctrl aaname='January' parentid='searchForm' tag='BUTTON' parentname='searchForm' type='button' />

Attached is the xaml file which I am working on can you help me in identifying the error
System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (27.1 KB)

Just before selecting the month.
Just add an extra click to show the dropdown

No Luck getting the same error

I see that the selector you are using to choose the month is having tag Button.
it should be tag SPAN.

Use Uiexplorer to correct and enhance your selectors to select the desired items.

Thanks @priyanka.yadav18 it worked !!

Welcome :slight_smile: