Error in Picking columns

Hello All,
In the assign activity I’m getting an error like “BC36599 range variable name can be inferred only from a single or qualified name with no arguments”. Please tell me how to rectify this and proceed further.

I believe that the error message “BC36599” is a specific error code generated by the UiPath Studio’s compiler and is related to LINQ queries. This error typically occurs when there’s an issue with the usage of a range variable in a LINQ query


Could you let us know what is the Expression used in the Assign activity ?

This is the expression I gave in assign activity
(From row In dt_InputData.AsEnumerable()
Select row.Field(Of Object)(“Column1”),
row.Field(Of Object)(“Column2”)


Also let us know what is the required Expected Result or Output.

From Picking columns, we can assume You want to Filter and keep only required columns. For this we use the below Expression as it is an easier approach :


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