Error in Outlook opening

Hi Team ,

I have facing the problem during opening the outlook .

I am unable to open the outlook .

Please help me out .

You mentioned the folder path incorrect.
If your outlook folder “APM” in “inbox” folder -

Please enter MailFolder as “inbox\APM”

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Thank you for your response Team .

Please help me for above issue .
“Insert into FundTransaction (Fundname,RequestFrom,Request Status) values(”+"’"+strFundname+"’"+","+"’"+EmailFrom+"’"+","+""+"‘Received’"+"’"+");"


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Your sql command is incorrect. Please try the following sql command -

"INSERT INTO FundTransaction (FundName, RequestFrom, RequestStatus) VALUES ('" + strFundName + "', '" + EmailFrom + "', 'Received');"

If that works, please mark the post as solution. Thank you.

Karthik Byggari

Hi @Asutosh_Mishra
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Fine buddy
the query should be like this
“Insert into FundTransaction (Fundname,RequestFrom,Request Status) values(@strFundname,@EmailFrom,@Received);"

this would work for sure
kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @Asutosh_Mishra

Hi Team ,

Thanks for the response .

The above one is working now , but still unable to insert the records into db .

In debug the connection is showing null and query is also showing null.


Attaching the screen for above issue

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