Error in Login Dispatcher Yearly Report

I’m preparing the Assignment 2 for Yearly Report and I have two error. In the Login and in Process.
I attached the project of Dispatcher if someone could help me. (1.5 MB)
The message error are

Many Thanks

Hope You have passed valid arguments.

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show us the screen shot of loginWorkflow arguments!


I see from the Locals pane that System1_Credentials and System1_URL are null.
Kindly ensure these values are set and passed correctly for the System1_Login to work.

Thanks for your help.I tried to write inside and saved but after it disappears.
Any suggestion?

I tried to insert the basic information then I saved it.

it disappeared.


  1. In the workflow that is being invoked ensure all the arguments are set correctly (Also check the directions).
  2. From where the sequence/flowchart is invoked - set the values accordingly.

(If any changes are made to the parameters direction, they have to be reassigned again through the Import arguments.)

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