Error in http request (root element is invalid because of SSL certificate)


The incidence is produced because my network has a problem with SSL certificate.

How could I solve it? What should I do?

Thank you.

Hi @EngAnalyst,

In a previous process that I was supporting a couple of developers on, it sounds like it might be a similar case, I’ll briefly detail my issue and the resolution and hopefully will help you in yours.

Symptom: Using the HTTP Request / HTTPClient to query a remote destination (Simple Web Service in this case) was failing in the developer’s Studio.


  1. The request would fail in the Developers’s Studio, but not my own
  2. The request would succeed in another client such as a Web Browser or REST Client like Postman on both machines.
  3. On the developer’s machine, the browser would warn about an invalid certificate allowing them to bypass the exception.

This provides us with a good hint that either the certificate being served by the remote destination is either invalid or unable to be validated to be trustworthy and while looking at the HTTP Request properties there did not be an option to ignore the invalid certificate (which you don’t want to in practice anyways).

The cause of the issue in this particular case was that the developer was contractor using a computer issued by his own company which did not have our companies Root CA Chain in the local certificate trust store of the computer. We provided the chain to import and trust allowing his computer to validate the certificate being sent by the remote service.

Resolution: Make sure your development host and robot hosts have the necessary certificate or certificate chains imported locally when dealing with private hosts or hosts that might not be using a certificate that was originally signed by your companies issuing CA or a public Root CA.

If this doesn’t seem like it fits your scenario, please provide us with more specifics and we can help figure it out with you. Or if it does solve your issue, that’s great to know too!