Error in grade checking for advanced certificate?

Hello people,

I just got my mark back. 5 out of 100. Kinda emberrassing… But my file worked perfectly. All activities were named as the should be. And i wrote annotations everywhere.

This is the text suplied by the grade:

I cannot upload attachments because i’m a new user?
I would like someone to verify my workflows. Because i think the system made a mistake.

Like i said before. It works perfectly on my device in the REF framework. Even the transactionItem is set to a String.

Does someone have the same experience? And is it possible to review again.

Let me know

Thanks in advance


I deleted the ‘Documentation’ file because otherwise the file was to big to upload.


Had some contact with support. It is not possible to do a manual check.

Fortunatly the next try i received the certificate.

Remember, don’t delete files haha

I have experienced the same issue, just a couple hours ago. I will go through the support myself but what have you learned when you talked with the support? Someone with a recent experience about the exact same topic might help me greatly

Just that it is not possible to do a manual review. I also had the option to get 3 more tries if i’d failed again!

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