Error in Generate yearly report

I tried evrything but am not able to understand why am i getting this error.
Can someone please help?


the KEY name of the dictionary variable ,i.e., Make sure that you have this name in the config file. also validate whether you have passed arguments with right direction across the states and workflows, as we might miss at some times in that.



Check the arguments are passing correctly

Also as @THIRU_NANI said check that Argument Name is present in the Config file

Check the spacings between the Argument name also, It should be exactly same

Hope this will help you


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But do we require try catch get transaction item activity in our performer file ?
the issue is am able to login into the acme website but after that it is not able to trace the WIID. due to which am getting logged out from the acme website.
FYI: i deleted this try catch Get TransactionItem activity

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