Error in Fuzzy Lookup

Hi there, I was done solved my problem in my previous post.

But I am currently facing another problem as my fuzzy lookup progress are invalid due to problem as image attached below.

Does anyone knowing on this kind of problem? I could appreciate for your assistance.

Thanks and best regards.

You need to check index was less than the array/collection length, as it is not in range so this problem usually occurs

better debug this and check the index where it is getting problem


Hi @Srini84

Can I know how do actually check on the index? Cause my project flow are simple as that I used only excel application scope and inside the scope I use click and select item activities to perform my fuzzy lookup progress. I didn’t assign any of the variable in my workflow. Attached my workflow as below.
test.xaml (20.0 KB)

Thanks and best regards.

Ok, can you share excel for better understanding? also please tell me when you try to run the workflow is it failing at start or failing at any activity?

Thanks @yushinchan

Hi @Srini84

Alright here the excel file : SAS_DATA_1 copy.xlsx (17.2 KB)

The workflow are able to run until the end of the sequence. Just that the error appeared when the bot press on “Go” button through click activities. But if I press through the excel file manually, the fuzzy lookup progress could run successfully. On the other side, if I execute it through UiPath robot, it failed to do so and the mentioned error keep on appeared.
Hope that you could help me on solving this problem.

Thanks and best regards.