Error in execution of script .nupkg in clients machines

Hey guys.
I’m having a problem that I don’t know how to solve.
I developed a script on my machine that has the activity package UiPath.DataBase.Activies and within this script I have the database connection activity and a query in SQL that performs an INSERT in that database.
However, when publishing this script as .nupkg and inserting it in another machine (client), this script even works using the Windows task scheduler, but it does not perform the INSERT in the database.
I have to install any program in the client computer to execute the INSERT of my script?
Its necessary use another user in my database for this client machine?
Can anyone help me?
When I publish the script from my machine to .nupkg, UiPath returns this message:

Hi @Matheus_Antunes

Verify that the user specified in the connection string has sufficient permissions to perform the INSERT operation on the target database. If needed, create a new user with appropriate permissions or grant the necessary permissions to an existing user.


Yes my user have the permissions to execute an INSERT in database because i have tested this action yesterday in my computer with the same user.