Error in Excel and Web Automation


there is a serious issue…
I have to read an excel and send the data to that webpage text fields one by one…but my BOT is taking only the last row of the excel Sheet.
I am using Citrix Environment to perform this automation and UiPath is inside the citrix.

are you using for each row activity to loop through the records…???

And in the first Column I have to take only the alphabets and not the ‘=’ sign.
but BOT is reading only the last row values again and again and not reading from the first row values while writing them into webpage text fields.
Please find excel attached from which values needs to send to the webpageFile.xlsx (9.3 KB)

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Possible share your workflow, or similar one what you have tried in that. I think you might have tried to feed the webpage outside the loop, we have to do all the feeds in for each inside the loop itself.

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Here i am able to print the row values to the log. read Excel.xaml (6.5 KB)

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Firstly i used Inside application scope
then Read Range store it in variable “xyz”,then Used Get Row item 3 times and store these values into variable
For Header1 values ,I used assign: abc=row1.Split("=".ToCharArray)(0).ToString
Secondly, Open Browser by passing Credential
Third, Used For Each Row in xyz
and then type into 3 times
for abc,row2,row3

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@SaranyaKishore @ddpadil

@somya177 What error you are getting?

So in this…i have multiple dates in the date column and i want my BOT to extract only the highest date among them or u can say the last date .And this last date needs to be written in the wepage text field.
So how can i do that??
@badita @SaranyaKishore @Rajasekhar

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If multiple dates are means , first split the column values then pick the latest date by comparing the values

can u please help with the workflow of it.
I have attached excel sheet that contain multiple dates and i want the Bot to pick up only the highest date i.e if its 26,27,28 then BOT should only pick up 28 from excel and write it into different webpage or excel

@somya177 Check attached file (8.1 KB)

Hi Somya,

I just checked like this

Assign A String=“25/07/2017,26/07/2017,28/07/2017,15/07/2017”
Assign B Array String=A.split(","c)
Write line = B.Max

Output i got =28/07/2017

Please try like this

it can have hundreds of date…i can´t write all 100 dates in assign

just i give like that, you can read row value in for each loop

can u provide workflow of it?

@somya177 Find the below workflow.

SortDataTableColumns.xaml (7.3 KB)

please find the attached workflow sample.xaml (8.9 KB)