Error in Data Scrapping

I am trying to extract structured data from web based Siebel CRM:

For some reason I have the below issues :

  1. Some values are blank
  2. I get one extra row in the end

The page in CRM is like below :

The selector I put for the element in the command is like below:

Could you pleas help me? What is wrong?

in Data Scrapping activity there is an property called DelayBetweenPages
set that property with some time value around 2000 or 3000 milliseconds

Cheers @the.christopoulos

@Palaniyappan I did as you said but the result is exactly the same.

were we able to see the value in PREVIEW once after scrapping

@Palaniyappan What do you mean in PREVIEW? Sorry I lost you. :blush:

once after choosing the table that we need to scrape before clicking FINISH button in that process of data scrapping, we will be shown with a PREVIEW of the output
did that preview had values in those missing areas

Cheers @the.christopoulos

@Palaniyappan No , it did not have values…! Very strange!

@Palaniyappan also I get one row with some values that should not be there… there is one row which is outside of the selected region/element