Error in Core activities configuration in Studio when using company laptop, not happen with personal laptop

Dear experts,

I have more than 2 years of experience in building automation flow with UiPath Studio as an advanced user (not an RPA developer). I am currently in charge of deploying RPA with UiPath in my new company, UiPath is very new in this organization.

Currently, errors happen in core activities’ configuration (For example: For each row activity doesn’t have the Body section anymore, or Build data table activity doesn’t have the input section)

This only happens when I use my company’s laptop (does not happen when I use my personal computer), so I guess something happens with the IT firewall or something like that (I don’t know much about technical terms).

I will reach IT to solve this, but before that, anybody please let me know if there is any technical requirement of UiPath that I should be aware of?


Hello @tueminh290597

Here the error is happening as you didn’t provide a data table variable. It will get resolved if you initialize it.

If the requirement is something , better to give more insight to the usecase.


Hi Rahul,

Thanks for your response. But I don’t think this happens because of a lack of data table variable, we can drag any activity into the main panel before creating the dependent variable for that activity.

In this case, the activity in my company computer looks really strange, it should have the section named Body (to drag other activities into a loop). It does not happen when I use my personal computer (like in the below picture which is taken from


Is it happening only for this particular activity?

Can you plz try updating the packages to the latest stable version?


It happens for many activities (mainly the programming activities which work with the data table, and those activities which create loops). I have already updated the latest the packages


And one more thing, I am using Studio version (not StudioX) but there are many StudioX activities that appear in the activities list. It is really confusing.

studiox activities also support studio pro. So it won’t be a problem. But the For each Row, you can choose the studio version instead of studiox.


I have already chosen Studio version instead of StudioX.

But these activities don’t appear with enough input fields and this only happen when I use company laptop.

These activities work perfectly in my personal laptop. Therefore I think somethings with IT setting must be involved. Do you have any idea?

Can you try creating a project on your personal machine and move that to your office laptop and try opening that one?

Not sure whether this can be an issue that the IT team can handle as it’s not happening for other activities.


in these situations make sure you checked below points

  • Version of your PC and office PC are same or not
  • check the package version
  • check for activities filter and project settings for modern/classic activities type selected


Hi Rahul and Megharaj,

  1. In my PC and office PC, the UiPath version are both 2022.4.4
  2. All my packages are updated (just in my screenshot in the previous reply)
  3. The activity filter is checked, I have ticked “show classic” but it just appears some more activities which also lack some input fields.
  4. I try to open a project (which is downloaded from here: from my office PC but these activities still lack input fields, they are totally different from the project displayed on the UiPath website. When I open this project in my personal PC, it work perfectly.

Do you have any idea to solve this?

Here is the screenshot when I open the downloaded project in my office PC. You can obviously see that these activities don’t have their usual appearance

Hi @tueminh290597

Go to Manage Package → Project dependencies → Upgrade all the package’s

You are using the older version of excel activity check out the screenshot


Hi @Gokul001

Even the packages are upgraded, the activities stay the same

Hi @tueminh290597

Have you tried to reinstall the studio


Yes, many times :frowning:

What is version of the studio?

How did you download the studio? @tueminh290597

UiPath version 2022.4.4
I download the installation file from

You can try download manually related packages and paste them in the folder of dependencies and reopen Uipath studio.