Error in a scraped table

Hello all,

I am scraping a table from a website. The table looks like this:

and at this point I only care about the contents of the column called Request Type (the third column of data)

I’m using an Assign to set my variable equal to the Request Type column contents as so:
Here is the image of the second Assign which I am using to parse off everything after the first five letters of the variable contents.

The issue I’m having is I keep getting an error message which says
11/13/2019 17:04:05 Assign: Index and length must refer to a location within the string.

What am I missing?

Thank you in advance


Could you please print the below value using Message Box activity and check it once.


And also are using this Assign activities inside the ForEach Row activity or not ?

@lakshman - Thank you, certainly, one moment

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@lakshman - I have this screen scrape inside an If statement which is inside of a For Each

I have to reboot. I’ll be back in five minutes


Ok. Are you using Data scraping or screen scraping ?

It’s structured data right and so you can use Data scraping.

@lakshman - Strange - Here is the message box using strReqType - no contents

This is it with your suggestion of row(2).Tostring - the result is the same either way

I have to be doing something wrong

I believe I’m using data scraping. Does this image help?


Do one thing.

  1. use Data scraping to scrape the data from application and will give you output as DataTable and say ‘DT’.

  2. And then use Output DataTable activity to convert DataTable into String and pass that above output ‘DT’.

  3. And then use Message Box activity and pass that string to print it. And also take screenshot of the same and show me once.

@lakshman - Thank you, I’m out of time and I will do this tomorrow and let you know what happens. Thank you!

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  1. I did the data scraping
  2. In the piece called Extract Structured Data ‘Table’ I have this
    For the Output Data Table activity I have this.
    What goes in the Text field? Another variable? And how does this activity do the conversion from table to string?

I have another post further down in this thread but for some reason I cant add to it. So I created another variable called TestStr and put it in the Output Data Table and the message box is still blank.

Can you look at my Main?
Main.xaml (55.5 KB)

Also, I have another variable farther up in the process called strAWB and somehow the contents of that variable are feeding into my variable strReqType. Something is wrong. Can you take a look?

Thanks in advance