Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.... PLEASE HELP


I am at my wit’s end with this error… I’ve tried everything I can google or think of. This is only happening when our customer account page is very large with 90ish accounts. Most of our customer accounts only have maybe one to five accounts. I realize this is stemming from the javascript not loading all the way or something, but I don’t really know much about that. I’ve done tons of googling and forum searching on this, but every suggestion I’ve found has not worked so far…

This error happens specifically after the main action was taken on the account when a comment is to be posted to the account. As soon as the “blank text box” element is found, the comment text is entered, but before the bot can click “add comment”, this Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component error happens… Every single time, but only for the large accounts. I’ve tried reinstalling Chrome, reinstall the UiPath plugin, change from ChromiumAPI to hardware events, increasing the timeout for ALL browser activities to 240 seconds, but nothing seems to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

No Excel being used anywhere, just chrome.

Hi @Josh_James

The following thread might helps for you.



Few questions

  1. On any specific activity is this occuring?
  2. And if the list is being loaded dynamically…mostly in the scenario where javascript is used…as you traverse is the list loading in chunks of 10 or 15 or is it incremental?
  3. Is it possible to share some pics of screen and the code you are using


Hello @Anil_G ,

  1. The activity this error is coming from is the “SetWebAttribute” activity.


  1. I’m not sure what you mean by the list loading in chunks of 10 or 15?
  2. This is what the box looks like on the webpage. I can’t show the whole page for security reasons.


The weird thing is… The activity will actually post the comment in the box, the text will appear on the second try in the “retry” scope. After the text appears is when the error occurs.

Appreciate the response.

Hmm… I think I might be ok now… Since the comment was still being typed into this box, even though it errored, I just allowed it to “continue on error”. I then put in a control to get the text of where the comment posted on the site to ensure it posted. Seems to be working. Not really a fix, but it is a better success rate than throwing an exception for each of those COM errors. I have a feeling the underlying error is on our side. When I did an “inspect” on the site for these large accounts, there are quite a few java errors.

Thank you for replying!

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