Error happen using studio x community

hi. i would like to ask what is this mean by this error? im using community studio x

Hi @Nur_Amin ,
please check
if you use excel, kill excel process before run bot
check file exist
check file access permissions if file in share folder

Hi @Nur_Amin

The “Error call rejected by callee” issue in UiPath Studio X might be caused by various factors such as incorrect arguments, improper activities, or even system-specific problems. Try checking if you’re passing the correct arguments to activities and that your workflow is structured correctly.

Hope it helps!!


Ensure that you are interacting with Excel correctly. Verify that the Excel application is open and accessible while the automation is running. Also, make sure the file path and file format are correct.
If you have any Excel add-ins installed, they might be interfering with the automation. Try disabling any non-essential add-ins and see if the issue persists.
Review the logic within your “For Each Excel Row” loop. Verify that you’re correctly using the activity and referencing the right Excel columns and rows.