Error - Hanging the UiPath Studio while running as debug mode


While I running the process as debug mode, the UiPath Studio sometimes freezes and I could not perform anything on it. This issue happens with high density when I press F11 button to move to the next step.

Could you please help to find the workaround for fixing it.


Hi @tnguyen449

Do you have any clue as to which part of your workflow might be causing the issue?
What if you try to create a blank project with a few simple activities, would the same happen then?

It would help if you could try to isolate the issue and give us more details (maybe even sharing a workflow, if at all plausible).
Also, it is important to us to know which version of the Studio you are using and whether any interaction with Orchestrator is happening in your workflow.

Hi @Maciej

This issue happens when we press F11 so quickly. In the prior version, this issue did not happened but in the UiPath version 2018.4 it is happened.

This is all information I had during the time I debug the workflow.

Hi @tnguyen449

Thank you for the directions, I was able to recreate the bug quite easily. We will look into it :slight_smile:

EDIT. We looked into it. The bug was fixed in the 18.4.1. If you update to this version of Studio CE, don’t forget to restart your machine (so that all the services are properly restarted as well).

Hi @loginerror,

It’s absolutely fixed on v18.4.1. There is no the same issue happens.

Thanks a lot for your attention.

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