Error Handling in citrix UI


While trying to handle error for Citrix UI Launch, I am applying Try Catch. I am putting Citrix UI Launching steps in try block and in catch block adding exception with writeline message. While debugging project, debugger do not go to catch block but goes to finally block.
Please help.

Sumit Kumar

what is the error?
any screenshot?

Question 1, Is there is any error coming in Try block ??,
Because only then it will go to Catch Block.
And About Finally block–> it will execute anyway according to its own property.

No. I am putting Citrix Application UI launching actions in Try block. If any UI action fails at any point. It should go to Catch block but it’s not going.

Thats what i am asking, maybe your activity is not giving error, Get your sequence out of the Try block and run it, if it throws error then robot stops working on the same activity.
And if error occurs please share the workflow because we have to check then why it is not going to Catch.

Check the by executing the “Citrix UI” element without try catch , and its giving error or not ?