Error handling from website

Hello everybody,
I got a question concerning a way to handle errors that can appear in a web site while filling the information from an Excel file.
Basically on the website I have to fill a number and validate.
I used first an “if error exist”, separating the errors on the “Then” situation and the path that continues normally after validate on “Else”, so far, that works.
But then, because I have 2 different errors, inside “Then” I added a switch case to distinguish in between my errors.
For the default case I got with Element exist the line with corresponds to my error in the website and a log message.
However, when I give it the second case with is the second error, it does not recognize the option.

How could I solve this in order to detect the case when it validates and the two errors?, it is an issue of the condition?
Thanks in advance for the help.

you can mention both the error condition in a single if condition like this
Error_Exist1 AND Error_Exist2

Hello Pradeep_Shiv, thanks for your reply, sadly that only works for me if I place the “Element Exist” before the “If”, henceforth blocking the “Else sequence” .

I think the issue is between the conditions and the “Element exist” but I can reach a balance in between then…

I tried it also with “Try Catch”, but again, it seems that the conditioning does not distinguishes in between the two error messages provided by the website:

Thanks for the help Pradeep_Shiv, your answer gave me an idea which worked to fix the issue.
Solution: the condition had to be Error_Exist1=True for one of the options to work, or false to make the other one work.

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