Error getting while reading a date after splitting

Hi everyone, I’m facing a issue with date. I’m explain my scenario and attaching my process also.

  1. first I’m getting dates in excel sheet (12-02-2020 & 17-01-2020) like this I’m getting.
  2. I’m splitting these dates based on and (&) and writing in excel.
    Ex: A2 = 12-02-2020
    A3 = 17-01-2020
  3. after this I’m reading these dates and I’m converting into my specific date time format and write in my browser activity. But here while converting this date I’m getting error. Both dates are coming in different format after splitting them.
    I’m attaching my Xaml file and my error screenshot also. Can anyone help me with the solution. (47.7 KB)

Hi @ranaprathap928 ,

Check the below solution (17.0 KB)

Hi @aanandsanraj thanks, it is working. If you don’t mind can you tell me what changes you did in this Xaml I’m not able to find exactly what are the changes u did.

@ranaprathap928 I glad that code is working for you. Just check the add row activity array property.

Thanks @aanandsanraj i will check

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