Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: 1. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Source: If

I Hve been working on this assignment for almost two weeks now and can not seem to complete it. I have reviewed different forums many times with some of the same issues I m getting but have been stuck for quite some time now.

I am stuck on the Get Transaction Section. Mine does not seem to move further than this point and I keep getting the same error but I am unsure what is causing it.

Here is the Error

Not sure where to go from here…


Try below condition in IF statement.

in_TransactionNumber <= in_WIList.count


if i switch it now this error pops up

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Print this value also using write line activity.


If it will give error then argument value is not coming from other workflow.

Does it matter where? I put it in before the if, nothing chnged


Yes, print that value before IF condition.


So im sure its not being passed correctly. Im not sure what is wrong though. I have followed the pdf and looked t videos and theirs look excatly like mine. Any suggestions?


Could you please run the workflow in debug mode and see. It will help you to know where is the exact error.

I don’t know how to debug well… this is what popped up.