Error "Get OCR Text ': Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'source')"

Hi I got a issue,I use the Get OCR text activity with Google Cloud vision API engine
,I use for each to run the image inside of folder,but If the image is blank,the automation process will stop, and
thew an error “Get OCR Text ': Value cannot be null. (Parameter ‘source’)”

Even I set the “continuteOnError” is true,it still pauses when the image is blank

Could anyone help?

Thank you very much~


Use Teseract ocr instead of Google cloud vision

Hi @tungchan.yeh

Value cannot be null error comes when the variable isn’t initialized. Use Tesseract OCR for better result


Hi @Parvathy @rlgandu

thanks for your reply, Can I use if eales active to handle the OCR error? If error skip it, and keep going to the next action.

Due to Google Vision API has more precise conversion in traditional Chinese hand writing

Best regards
thank you~

Use try catch and handle the exception however you want.
Use Tesseract OCR for best OCR results.

Hi @Gayathri_Mk

sorry for late reply, thanks for your hint, it works,

thank you very much :slight_smile:
Good day~

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