Error for click?

I want to click in box purchase date to (highlight yellow) as below.


But It show error as below.


But If I click manual , It can click normally.

Please guide me about it.

If possible, can you share the XMAL file along with the URL you are trying to interact with. I would like to try and see.

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Did we try enabling simulate click property

And change the WaitForReady property as NONE in that click activity


if you want to type something in that field then we can directly try using TYPE INTO activity

Cheers @Maria99

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Show us your selector. It’s probably wrong. You don’t want to click the text, you want to click the text box.

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Which browser you are using?

And from logs I can see you are getting this immediately after launching browser.
Most probably this issue related with UiPath plugin. But If you provide more details it will be great.

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What is WaitForReady set to in your Click activity? Try interactive, or complete.

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