Error Fix For "Unauthorized enrollment using connection string. Set state to disconnected" Thrown When Connect/ Enroll Robot To Orchestrator Using Connection String?

When enrolling/ connecting Robot to Orchestrator via the connection string, the error is thrown "Unauthorized enrollment using the connection string. Set state to disconnected" .

To solve this, make sure to have the following enabled

  • WindowsAuth.Enabled parameter from the web.config file has to be set to true
  • WindowsAuth.Domain parameter has to be set to a valid domain
  • Service Mode Robot has to be installed
  • Enable the Windows Authentication in the Orchestrator IIS
    • Open IIS on Orchestrator server
    • Go to UiPath Orchestrator sites
    • Select Authentication
    • Check if the Anonymous Authentication and Windows Authentication are enabled. If not, enable them
    • After enable - restart the Website & Restart the Application Pool.
  • Ensure only one domain-name is specified/ mentioned/ configured into the web.config .