Error finding specific .ost file for sending Outlook messages

Hi All,

Having an issue with UIOath not being able to find a .ost file (hince not being able to send the email from the given address). However the .ost file is indeed there and i’ve checked it 100 times. Any ideas on what could cause this issue? Permissions?

It can find my default .ost fine but not the secondary one



Could you please show me the screenshot of it and want to know how you are passing it.

Sure - see below - im passing the email address as a string

I did notice somethin - the .ost file I want to send from looks empty whilst the .ost that is recognised and works fine is not, not quite sure whats going on there (screenshot below)


Could you please click on the Attach Files option and show me once.

Why one file is showing 0 KB only ?

@lakshman Apologies as i’ve just found out that this error was caused due to insufficient permissions on the email address I tried to send from. As soon as permissions were giving, I had to ‘repair’ Office 2016 and everything noe works as expected.

Thanks for the help!

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